Macbook Air: do we need the click button?

Under Reviews on January 22nd, 2008 with 3 comments

Two weeks ago Steve Jobs announced “the world’s thinnest notebook”, the Macbook Air and of course we all loved it.

The one thing I admire the most on the brand new Macbook Air is its trackpad. As you may know the Macbook Air comes with an extreme trackpad where you can perform a variety of finger gestures like those in iPhone. Obviously, such features not only bring trackpads to the next level but they raise the bar for competitors as well. Finger gestures are like shortcuts for a keyboard; they provide an advanced but yet efficient way for using an existing device.

However, from my point of view, the Macbook Air has a major design and aesthetic issue. I don’t like the click button… or should I say that I don’t need the click button? In fact, I don’t get it… If a trackpad is smart enough to perform all those magic gestures, what do I need a click button for? I just tap the trackpad and that’s it. I can do this even on the relatively lame trackpad my macbook has.

Steve Jobs has always supported that the second button is not necessary on both trackpads and mouses (that’s why Macbook and Macbook Pro comes with a single click button). Well, I think that the time has come and we can even abandon the remaining single click button. After all it’s more than useless on a Macbook Air and it takes space; we need more space for our magic finger gestures :)

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    [...] It’s been eight months since my related post Macbook Air: do we need the click button? and Apple has just announced that removes the “click buttom” from the trackpad area in [...]

  2. Eupemia:

    Well written article.

  3. M:

    I loathe the new trackpads without the separate button. On the new MacBooks I constantly keep activating multitouch features that I don’t require due to my thumb straying into the area.

    To use the new trackpads efficiently you have to keep your thumb away completely, yet during long sessions (I use this computer for WORK, not play) I like to rest the weight of my hand on something. I used to rest my thumb gently on the button, giving much more control.

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